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Lisa Diane

"Secrets of Attracting Money"

From The Desk Of: Lisa Diane

Tarpon Springs , FL

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Dear Friend,

ou know the old saying, “If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all?” Well, for many people this is much more than an old TV comedy skit, it’s the story of their life. Nothing ever seems to go right… if it can go wrong, it does… there’s never enough money or time to enjoy life… and things go from bad to worse on what seems like a daily basis. Sad, but true. Is this how you feel, too?

Are you sick and tired of always falling short, never having quite enough, never being able to measure up? Are you frustrated by your bank account balance and that pile of bills that seems to grow bigger and bigger by the minute. Do you sometimes feel desperate for answers that never come… or even at your wits end from never finding any real relief?

How long have you been searching for “the answer?”

I meet people everyday who ask me the “.” They want to know how they can change their life. They want to be happy, have plenty of money and feel like their life means something. Unfortunately, they’re looking for answers in all the wrong places.

I know what it’s like to wake up each morning with a desire in your heart for a better way of life
and go to bed at night wondering why you even bothered. I spent years chasing success. I wanted to make a lot of money, drive luxury cars and live in a big mansion on the water. I believed that if I could just find the “” that seemed to always allude me— the one that all the rich people knew— I would finally be happy and fulfilled.

Would You Like to Put an End to Your Money Problems, Forever?

What if I told you there was a better way? What if I pulled back the curtain and exposed the “un-seen block” to your happiness, success, wealth and personal fortune? What if I could show you how to literally draw money and success (or any other good thing you desired) to you like a powerful magnet?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I assure it is TRUE and it’s even better than you can
. In fact, once you discover the un-seen barrier that blocks you from all the success and wealth you deserve, you can literally flood your world with amazing fortune in no time flat. It’s true!

Look, I know how you feel. I’ve been there—and probably worse off. I know what it’s like to
stare at that stack of bills—and the empty bank account—knowing you simply can’t make ends meet. I remember what it was like to be down to my last few dollars (and I do mean DOLLARS) with absolutely no clue where the next bit of money would come from. I know the embarrassment of standing at a checkout line in the grocery store and having to put items back… the way they all look at you like you’re somehow “less” of a person. It’s not a feeling you easily forget.

There IS a Better Way! It’s Time To Attract Money Like a Magnet!
There’s a Reason Why Things Never Seem to Work Out For You!

You’ve always suspected it, right? You’ve always felt like other people got the breaks in life… the better jobs, the nicer homes, the fat bank accounts… all the “perks” that have always been just outside your grasp. Am I right? And no matter how hard you worked, how many things you tried… nothing seemed to change. In fact, things only seem to get worse. Can you relate?

How do I know these things about you? BECAUSE I WAS YOU. I’ve been there, done that… feeling exactly the same way. That was before I discovered the truth. You see, I spent my entire life wanting to “be rich.” I would watch the people drive by in their fancy sports cars… living in their spectacular estates in first-class “gated communities” and dream of the day that it would be ME.

But as a young adult I found myself about as far from that “dream” lifestyle as a person could be. In fact, my life was more like a living nightmare. I won’t take time to give you all the gory details here, but trust me when I tell you, I know how it feels to be broke and desperate for money. I had to find a way out.

That’s When I Discovered the SECRET…

Secret to Law of Attraction for Money

You know what they say, “When you turn a light on in a dark room it clears everything up .” That’s what happened for me. It was like flipping a switch inside me. I literally went from flat out broke (nearly destitute) to watching success and money pour into my world like a raging waterfall. It was amazing…truly amazing! And once it started there was no stopping.

In fact, that was more than 12 years ago. Since that time I’ve moved into that huge estate in my pristine “gated community” … I’ve purchased MANY of those “fancy sports cars”… I’ve watched my
bank accounts climb higher and higher. I truly have been blessed to enjoy that “rich life” I dreamed of.

But enough about me. This letter isn’t about me, it’s about YOU. You see, I’m no one special. I don’t have any formal education, specialized skills or rich relatives. My fortune didn’t come through winning the lottery—or even hard work. Success and money came into my life when I discovered the unseen barrier that had been blocking it from me.

Once that barrier was removed success, wealth and abundance flowed freely. Now I’d like to share the secret with you.

For the first time in history, experts from all over the world, in all the major fields such as science, psychology, medicine, spirituality, physics and human potential are all agreeing that there is only one way, one process, one Secret that creates anything in your life, including your happiness, prosperity, health, etc.

It’s the One Secret to Wealth. Billionaires guarantee you will become rich!

Would You Like to Be a Money Magnet?

Attract  Success and Money Like a Magnet

Imagine for a moment your life exactly as you desire it. Imagine waking up each morning excited about how you will spend your day… knowing that all your needs are met and you have plenty of money for everything you want, with plenty left over to share. Imagine being able to spend your time doing the things you enjoy where you want, for as long as you want, with whomever you want. Imagine never looking at a price tag or checking your bank balance before you made a purchase. Imagine freely giving money to those you love and supporting your church or favorite charities with huge checks that make huge difference. Can you imagine a life like this?

It's not a fairytale… it's reality for MANY people. And the best part is, I believe it could be YOUR REALITY, too. It's just a matter of removing the un-seen barrier that separates you from all the money that's waiting to flow into your life. It's what I call becoming a MONEY MAGNET!

You Either ATTRACT Money or You REPEL It…
The Choice is YOURS!

I know it sounds strange, but it's true. Right now, this very minute, you are either attracting money like a powerful magnet… or you're repelling it. If you want to know which one you're doing… just look at your life. Do you have all the money you want? Are you rich and successful? If not, you are REPELLING money and no matter what you do, no matter how hard you work or how much you try to make things different… unless you learn to be a MONEY MAGNET you will stay broke forever.

I know it sounds harsh… and I'm sorry… but it's true. I think it's about time you stopped falling for all these “get rich quick” schemes and pie-in-the-sky nonsense—just hoping to finally find “the one” that will put you out of your money misery. It's not going to happen—I guarantee it!

Look, do yourself a favor and STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY on all these crazy schemes that you see in the mail, on the Internet, on TV infomercials and in magazines. These programs DON'T WORK… they never have and they never will. If you're down to your last few dollars don't send it away for one of these money-making plans. Please listen to what I'm telling you.

If you're broke and you've been that way for quite awhile, then you are REPELLING money from your life. No business opportunity, MLM, chain letter or Internet scheme will change it. It doesn't matter how much money you spend or how many programs you buy in search of “guaranteed riches”… if you aren't a MONEY MAGNET you will NEVER be rich.

OK, enough of the bad news. Now for the good news…

Use Law of Attraction to Be Money Magnet

When you learn how to attract money into your life like a magnet, you suddenly discover what living is really about. There’s no more struggle… stress… and strain. You don’t work harder and harder just to barely keep it together. When you’re a MONEY MAGNET, success and fortune is EFFORTLESS.

Have you ever held a strong magnet? If you have one around your house, pick it up and let it come near another metal object. Notice how effortlessly the metal is drawn to the magnet. There was no
strain, no hard work or great effort. That’s what it’s like to be a MONEY MAGNET!

When you’re a MONEY MAGNET… life works… plain and simple. You know the people who
we describe as having the “Midas Touch”…where everything they touch turns to gold? These people are MONEY MAGNETS. I’m sure you know of a few of these rare people… who always seem to get the big breaks, everything always works out for them, anything they try turns out wildly successful. It’s not luck or coincidence. These people (whether they realize it or not) are ATTRACTING success, wealth and fortune into their lives. They are MONEY MAGNETS.

The good new is… YOU CAN, TOO! You can become a MONEY MAGNET and immediately
begin attracting all the success, wealth, happiness and good fortune you deserve—easily and effortlessly.
When you STOP repelling money and start attracting it, everything else falls into place.

You’ll feel invincible, like you’re living a “charmed” life. It will seem like everything and everyone is on
your side—bending over backwards to help support you in achieving even your biggest dreams and goals.

This is the Amazing Life of a Money Magnet!

I know it’s hard to believe sometimes, but life really can be different. In fact, you’re much closer to the life you want than you know. But you’re not going to have what you want by continuing to do the same things you’ve always done. Think about your life a year ago… three years ago… chances are, it’s not much different today.Now think about your future a year from now. Chances are, it will be a lot like your life today—or worse— but not better. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. Your life can be completely different. But not by magic—not by continuing to think, speak and act the same way you do today.

Most people, 97% of people anyway, are living lives that leave them feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and directionless. Most people are dissatisfied with their jobs, their financial standing, their relationships, their health, their spiritual connection, sense of purpose...and more.

There’s a reason why those 3%—who are happy, healthy and wealthy—get all the breaks in
And it’s not because of “luck” or coincidence. It’s because this small group of people follow a very specific method to literally invent money out of thin air, create careers and businesses that turn them on, enjoy passionate and fulfilling relationships, thrive in a state of total bliss and inner peace and literally design and live their picture-perfect-lives, knowing they can have, do or be absolutely anything they desire.

It’s Time to Eliminate the Un-Seen Barrier
to Your Wealth Once and For All!

If you’re not happy with how your life has turned out… if you don’t have enough money for the
things you want or need… if you’ve tried everything, but nothing works for you… IT’S TIME TO STOP

Here's a quick example of how Roland became a Money Magnet…

“Dear Lisa Diane, I've got great news for you.I think I have been looking at one corner instead of the whole picture.Since I purchased your Money Magnet Course things have been different. Me and my wife made more than $43,000.00 cash. We just had a nice vacation in Vancouver and Victoria BC Canada, we sent our 2 kids to study in private universities abroad and let them fly first class. We also just purchased our second home, a single detached 3 story house in a nice neighborhood. And everyday our quality of living is getting better and better. I think I just woke up from a bad dream I can see the big picture now. Thank You! and God Bless." Roland Selma

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Discover the Secret to Becoming a MONEY MAGNET!

I’m spilling the beans… holding nothing back… in my brand new “How to Be a Money Magnet”
course. I was fortunate to learn the REAL SECRET to success and wealth early in my adult life. I went through a horrible time of total financial devastation, however, once I discovered the secret everything changed—fast. Since that time I’ve enjoyed a life most people can’t even dream of. I consider myself supremely blessed. But again, all this has happened for me by simply learning to be a MONEY MAGNET.

I want YOU to be a Money Magnet, too! It’s so much easier than you could imagine. Being broke
is hard… being a Money Magnet is a piece of cake. The only thing standing between you and all the money, success and happiness you deserve is an un-seen barrier which I can show you how to eliminate.

Starting today, right now, you need to make a decision to STOP REPELLING MONEY from
your life and become a MONEY MAGNET.
I’ve designed a very special, easy to use, program to help you do it quickly. This course is truly the answer you’ve been searching for… the solution you desperately need.

The SECRET to becoming a Money Magnet, fast and easy.

I’ll expose the Un-Seen Barrier blocking your wealth.

I’ll reveal my time-tested and proven 4-Step Formula to attracting all the money you desire.
You’ll discover the single greatest all-time secret to Success and real Wealth.
I’ll show you “what to do tomorrow” to begin immediately seeing the results you desire.
I’ll share a little-known secret for effortlessly creating a fortune without hard work.

These are just a FEW of the secrets I’ll reveal in this life-changing course, which includes a written guide and 3 powerful audio CDs to make using it easy and convenient. Plus, if you’re one of the next 50 people to request my “How to Be a Money Magnet” course, I’ll include a special “MONEY MAGNET” Free Bonus Gift to help you become a Money Magnet faster and easier than you ever imagined!

Why Should You Believe What I Say?

It’s true. We’ve never met personally. If we had—even for 5 minutes—you would know I’m a
person you can trust completely.
But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can know I’m the “real deal” by the 26,500+ people I’ve shared my proven success strategies with all around the world. In fact, I’m one of only 4 women to be a featured “Success Story” in Nightingale-Conant’s prominent business magazine, AdvantEDGE. They did a full-color, 3-page personal story on my success. (You can read it online at

The letters, emails and faxes I receive from people thanking me for the life-changing results and total
turnarounds they’ve had could fit in a football field size container. These folks trust me—and so should you.

Here’s what Gillian Ortega had to say about me…

“I think of you often Lisa Diane and how blessed I am to have you in my life. You are my earth angel. You are all about giving and that’s something you can’t fake. You are the best. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.”
Gillian Ortega

Here’s what Kelly Blevins had to say...

“I have been seeing a great difference in a lot of things. I was in a coma of not knowing if I could pay my bills, now to great excitement. I sold land for my mom and dad in just 4 days because I expected to do that for them and we have been able to buy a house at a smoking deal because I expected to buy it for a fix up and I can see light at the end of
the tunnel that seemed so paralyzing not that long ago and now I'm as free as a bird to create the life I want, instead of the life I thought I was doomed to have.”
Kelly Blevins

You can purchase the Money Magnet Course with total confidence, knowing that your purchase is backed by my rock-solid 100% Money Back Guarantee!

No risk in using Law of Attraction

Order my course, “How to Be a Money Magnet” today. You’ll pay just $97 for the course—and if you’re one of the next 50 people to order I’ll even include a special “Money Magnet” Bonus Gift, FREE!

Million Dollar Money Attraction
"The Secret to a Million Dollar MindSet." a $39.95 value-- YOURS FREE IF YOU ORDER NOW!.

Are You Ready to Be a MONEY MAGNET?

This is your day… the day your life turns around. At least, it can be if you make the wise decision to stop repelling money and success and become a MONEY MAGNET. My course will show you how. Go ahead and order right now.

Law of Attraction to Be a Money Magnet

Warm regards

Lisa Diane
Co-Founder Inspiration Point, LLC

Yes, Lisa Diane, I’m ordering the HOW TO BE A MONEY MAGNET Course (Written Guide & 3 CDs) for ONLY $97 + FREE Money Magnet Bonus Gift for being one of the next 50 Orders!

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